Meta-Rational Manifesto, aka Hello, World

OK, so here it is, a brand new blog from David vun Kannon. Please, no more cheering.

What is Rational Exuberance going to be about? The easy answer is anything I damn well please. I’d like to share with you my carefully shaped opinions about finance, investing, society, and a lot of geekery such as the importance of data standards, analytics and XBRL. Opinionated, yes, but if I descend into punditry, hand waving, bald assertions, etc., pleases call me on it. The ‘meta-rational‘ part of the title refers to the fact that I know I don’t have all the answers (and neither do you!). I would like a dialogue here, and not an echo chamber.

As to the manifesto part, I am a firm believer in rational exuberance. Not just “everything in moderation” but the idea that the world is on course to a gradually better future state for basically everyone. This is the idea of progress, not perfectibility, for those of you keeping score at home. We, humanity, are changing the world in a non-cyclical way for the better. I am joyful and optimistic, and I think you can be also.

Yes, there already is a fascinating blog, Invisible Hand, by the same author. I hope that blog will continue to focus on more personal topics such as science fiction and photography.

Many thanks for reading.


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